...Our winner of the pot of gold set at $100.  ... a clear shot straight through the middle! My o’h my, let the games continue! Tomorrow we shall start afresh!

Ms. Catherine Hartman of the Prepared Foods team most honorably won BINGO yesterday morning. She is $50 all the richer…B*I*N*G*O and BINGO was his name-o!

Our very own PBS won BINGO today, Ms. Jennifer Brisane!
She got to host a PIZZA PARTY
and she won 50 big ones.
Keep up those incident free days and you too can win BINGO!

If anyone thinks this is a waste of time, they're mistaken.  I hear employees reminding each other, "Watch out, I only need one more number", "Don't mess up my Bingo game" and many other comments relative to safety and safety bingo.  Once we do more trending we'll try and determine the savings.

Right now, I can tell you staff definitely have a higher level of awareness regarding workplace safety.  As you and I both know, awareness is half the battle!
Human Resources Director
Birchwood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

... Our employee's keep a check on the cards and if I miss Someone that has bingoed they will let me know, and want to know how soon the new cards will be posted. Thanks for everything you do for us with your calls and the emails.

Thank you for your emails and phone calls...I do appreciate the support! So far all is well.  We still love the program. It has been over 2 years since we have had a "lost day" from a work injury...a true accomplishment in our field!
(A lost day is an employee who is out over 48 hours for an injury).
Alabama Clinical Schools

Our program is working very well and we are happy to say we have not had an associate injury since May 2011. Thank you for the other ideas.
Marriott Fremont Silicon Valley

The game is going well. We are over 50 days without restarting the game, which is a number this warehouse hasn't achieved in almost a year. Recently we began using safety bingo in my other facility which is Columbia Maryland. They are over 300 days without a lost time accident, so they should see even greater success with Bingo now in place. I appreciate your dedication to the program and the fact that you do check in from time to time.

Safety Bingo has really changed the atmosphere of our entire shop. People are a lot more cautious when doing their day to day activities. We have just started our second game, and increased our dollar amount, which in turn increases employee awareness.
Falls Fabricating

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Meadow Lake loves Safety Bingo!!!!! The amount of injuries has gone down so drastically, that we would recommend this program to anyone. It is easy and fun. When the pot gets up there
everyone is excited and extra careful!
Meadow Lake Resort

“I am very happy that you have a Safety Bingo. I have worked in this field for over 13 years and never heard of this before. I look forward every day for them to pick the number for the day. Last month, I was the winner of the Safety Bingo game. I treated myself to a full-body massage and a relaxing facial…a day of pleasure, long overdue. Again, I want to thank my co-workers’ for us working as a team in an accident-free workplace.
I am looking forward to another massage and facial.
Heartfields Assisted living at Easton

This Safety Bingo has our employees thinking about Safety! Each day they look forward to the number for the day!
Thank you so much!
Underwood Wong Produce, Inc.

To date, we have completed 7 games and have had 8 winners and NO accidents!  The average time of a game is 23.14 days And the prize is $25.00 per game. I feel that the program has been a positive experience for the office. A day does not go by that someone is asking me to pick the number. I think the program is fun for the office and gives us something to laugh about each day, whether we have a winning, or especially, a losing card.
Everyone enjoys either complaining about their card or bragging that they are only “one away” from Bingo!
The Resort Company

Safety Bingo has been a huge success not only at the corporate office but throughout the company’s twenty-one-properties! This enhancement to our corporate safety program has helped to further ingrain a safe attitude within our work culture while adding a fun component to our everyday efforts!
The Resort Company

“We here at WoodMart have been playing Safety Bingo since 2001, playing an average about 15 games a year for both our Red and Blue teams. Safety Bingo has been an instrumental incentive in cutting down our rate of serious injuries. Our employees love the excitement of the 9 A.M. drawing of the daily number, and of course they love winning the money!  We keep the maximum payout capped at $250.00 for every game not interrupted by an injury (which drops it back to the minimum of $50.00). Our total payout for this year so far comes to $3250, but it’s a small price to pay to keep those skyrocketing worker’s comp insurance rates as low as possible.
WoodMart Window Coverings

Succeeded in going just over a year without a “Loss Work Day”. This is a rather amazing feat since it had never occurred here at this facility since we were opened in 1998. With the help of your Safety Bingo / Poker Program we have been able to not only raise awareness of safety issues and concerns, but save our company money on “Loss Work Days, Workers' Comp Claims, and Injuries”.  By utilizing your program we have also made it FUN. It used to be that I would have to point out safety infractions and possible concerns. Now with the help of your program our Department Heads are receiving information on possible safety issues and hazards from their employees and then reporting it to me to have them immediately addressed. The motivation among our staff to develop a strong safety attitude and become more safety minded is phenomenal. On behalf of the Lea County Correctional Facility, I want to “Thank You for all your assistance” in helping me to get a firm handle on the Workers' Comp and Loss Control Environment here at our facility. We look forward to utilizing your program to help continue to control our Safety and injury issues.
Lea County Correctional Facility

Just a quick note to let you know how much the employees at our plant enjoy Safety Bingo. It is the one thing that we have tried that has remained over the years. Also, I want to compliment you on your customer service. In the short time that I have been in this position, I’ve noticed that you have went above and beyond the call of duty in customer service.
Thanks so much,
HSE Technician

Our Safety Bingo games have really caught on. People come to check the Bingo board every day and ask if they can pick the number for the day. Everyone is more safety conscience so the game will continue. We have more and more people ordering safety shoes. So far we have gone with zero accidents for this year!!! Our Prep Cook, Donnell Catlett, just won $75.00!!! Our employees are definitely enjoying playing and winning.
Double Tree Hotel

We had our first winner of the game. She won a free meal ticket, a first Aid kit, and a hot pack, all items which were donated by various departments At Caribou Nursing Home. There is a lot of interest in the game. Employees can’t wait until Friday to hear the number of the week being called. It’s all the buzz around here.
Caribou Nursing Home, Inc.

“Safety Bingo is an excellent incentive for us to be more careful for ourselves, our residents and our co-workers”.  “Each time someone wins at Safety Bingo, it makes everyone excited and more willing to promote safety in the workplace.” Safety Bingo has proven not only to increase our safety awareness, but is enhancing TEAMWORK as well.
Brynwood Center

In response to your request for a testimonial with picture re: Safety Bingo, I have enclosed a photo of one our Bingo Winners which says it all.
Human Resources Manager
Quail Ridge Country Club

Our Bingo game is a big success. We currently play it at 11 of our locations and the associates all respond very well to the program.

Thank you!The team loves playing!  Every day they ask if I can pull their numbers and it has kept injuries down!

We have had great success with Safety Bingo at our location. We have not had an injury in 110 days!! For right now, we will keep things as is. Thank you for you support!

HCR ManorCare

Our team is having a lot of fun with this program in fact some of them are quite competitive with it.  It's really brought many of the team members together and they are being more aware of their surroundings.

I would just like to say that our Hotel has had great feedback from participating in Safety Bingo.  We currently are at 404 days Accident free!!! We celebrated 365 days a several months ago with an employee celebration providing caramel apples to each associates. We have had such a positive feedback from Safety Bingo it has been great!  It’s a great way to bring positive success and safety to any workplace!

We did. September 14th, we will celebrate 3 years No Lost Time
Heritage at Brentwood

We are 2 years and 7 months No Lost Time!! We have just received our second corporate award for safety in large part to this program.
Heritage at Brentwood

Safety Bingo is going great!  Our associates are into it. 

Our staff enjoys the anticipation of safety bingo and we had a winner a few weeks ago! Always fun!
The Carneros Inn

Things here are running VERY smoothly in the area of employee safety.  We are nearly at 500 days without a lost-time accident, and this was a place that did not have a sterling record.  Many thanks to your firm and to you.

Baywood Court

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