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Hi, I'm Pam!

SAFETY BINGO was created by myself, Pam Perlmutter in 1987!   
SAFETY BINGO was created out of sheer necessity due to the fact that there was nothing out there to combat the problem of motivating employees to be more safety conscious.
While attending the University of Southern California, I worked at my family's place of business called Power Unit Exchange. It was an Auto Parts Remanufacturing plant with over 50 Spanish-speaking employees. As a manager, safety was a huge issue. But I asked myself... "how can I motivate employees to be safer on their own?" SAFETY BINGO was born!
To gloat a little... the Workers' Compensation Insurance modification rate was as high as 363% with losses reaching over $140,000. SAFETY BINGO produced dramatic improvements to not only safety, but morale, productivity, attendance plus more. My father was elated! A short 18 months later we closed the year off with a total loss of just $721.50! SAFETY BINGO was a success!

Subconscious Safety


The point is ... as employees watch for the daily numbers and mark them on their cards, it subconsciously reminds them about Safety! Every time they look at the Master Game Board, their SAFETY BINGO™ card, talk about it with their co-workers, see a winner or see the game stop, it reminds them about Safety! Sounds great! And this occurs all the while without a supervisor reminding them. Employees, in turn, share the responsibility of Safety as a team! Now, every time they say Bingo! ... They are really saying Safety!

What's the Catch?


If there is an injury that meets the predetermined criteria, the game stops immediately and the board is wiped clean. All Bingo cards are VOIDED. (Note, simply reporting an injury does NOT stop the game). The next day a new game begins... but look... the cash prize is back down to $25!  Everyone knows an injury has occurred. 

Let's go back for a second. Let's say Bob is playing and has 4 numbers in a row marked off. Bob notices a co-worker working without his safety glasses. ?!@# What is going to happen? I can tell you because I have heard it a thousand times. Bob runs over and says... "Don't get hurt, you will stop the SAFETY BINGO game! Put on your safety glasses!" or even better, the co-worker asks Bob for help finding his safety glasses from the start! Of course, there is much more to it than that. All the details are spelled out step by step in the SAFETY BINGO Handbook along with how to most effectively use the other program materials supplied. The program ideas and variations are endless. You can add attendance, quality control, and team concepts and distribute Bonus Cards to reward for helpful suggestions or notable achievements. The handbook materials also show you how you can control the pace of the game and the frequency of a winner, so as to maximize employee interest in the game. There is even a frequently asked questions section. So, be assured, with these tools, your Safety record will be squeaky clean for good!


How Does it Work?

How does SAFETY BINGO work? The most important component of SAFETY BINGO is experience. Since 1987, I have heard about and conquered every kind of awareness problem there is in the workplace. Materials alone don't work. My experience and the program tools included making safety awareness easy and injuries a thing of the past. The board is big, colorful, and draws attention. You can't miss it! It tells you: The Daily Numbers that have been pulled, the Game Start Date, the Date of Last Accident, the Bonus Number, and most importantly the prize! The game is easy to administer and play. 

For example, let's use CA$H as a prize. How about $25 to start? A SAFETY BINGO™ card is handed out to each employee and "Bingo", you are on your way! Each day, one bingo number is randomly selected and posted on the board until a winner is announced. The winner receives a certificate, and of course, the CA$H Prize! New cards are distributed the next day but now the prize increases to $50! Wow!!! Suddenly, people start to take notice and become more conscious of their actions and the actions of the people around them.

Why Bingo?

To get people of all levels and backgrounds involved, it is important to find a game that everyone can understand and play without a lot of rules to learn. Bingo is such a game. The rules are based on numbers that are readable in any language. The main concept is simple. The first one to mark off 5 (five) numbers either across, vertically, or diagonally including the free space, wins the prize! Anyone that doesn't know how to play, can understand the concept fairly quickly. This same concept is also true with our other 12 programs!

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